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The Panasonic EVA-1, the workhorse of choice. While just a tool in itself, what a tool it is. With a high end of 5.7k Prores RAW, and 14 stops of dynamic range, it gives the ability to deliver an image that is well out of its price range. Mixed with a dual native ISO, there is nearly nowhere that this camera cannot shoot in style and comfort. At only 2.1kg it is easy to mount to any gimbal, use handheld for days at a time, or traveling into any remote location. A high end frame rate of 240p, or 120fps at 2k, means flexibility in capturing even the fastest motion. The Vlog colour science built into this workhorse is the same as was used to shoot films and TV shows such as Crazy Rich Asians, and OZARK. Pleasing skin tones and pleasantly rolled highlights, with blacks so clean you can see into the depths of night, even while in the depths of night.

Rental - $350 NZD

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