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The Story So Far

Born high in the mountains of California, I was lucky enough to travel often to some of the most remote places in America with an adventurous family . At the age of  fifteen, the family moved to New Zealand, spending 3 months in our cabin on a lake along the way. To help record the adventure, I got my first camera. Over 20 moves and 100 films later, I ended up in Auckland. 

Since then there have been hundreds of projects, countless great crew, and a handful of awards. I have had my work featured on National Geographic, New Zealand International Film Festival, and at Cannes. Now as a commercial Cinematographer, the craft only continues to improve all around the world with an ever growing list of fantastic projects and people.

When not on working, or out exploring the wilderness, I can be found on my lifestyle block with my two dogs, wife, and daughter in Auckland where I am still based. I sit on the NZCS Committee with a personal goal of increasing the education opportunities and safety of our members.

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