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Born high in the mountains of California to one of the most known adventure photographers at the time, I was lucky enough to join my Dad as his model to some of his assignments around North America.  As I grew older, I developed deep passion for cameras and video, and at the age of  fifteen, I got my first camera. The first project this camera was used for was to record my family's move to New Zealand in 2004. 

Since then, there have been over a thousand projects, countless great crew, and a handful of awards. I have had my work featured on National Geographic, New Zealand International Film Festival, and at Cannes.  While I am based in Auckland, I find myself traveling  all around New Zealand and Australia. My long history within the film industry in New Zealand, particularly Dunedin and Auckland, has resulted in the building of an extensive network of reliable suppliers and crew that I work with on a daily basis. I also have been an NZCS Committee board member since 2020 with a goal to support education opportunities to our members, expand our presence internationally, and improve the health and safety guidelines within our industry.

Following my Dad's footsteps, I found myself drawn to adventure, and many of my projects are centred around the pursuit of it. My favourite kind of stories are ones that show the beauty in the normally unseen, while focusing on the human experience. A central theme of much of my work is around where our food and energy comes from, the athletic community, and experimental pursuits.  When not on a project, I continue to act upon the adventure itch with my wife, daughter, and two dogs. We love the wilderness, travel yearly, do all kind of athletic pursuits, hike, tramp, camp, ski, and a plethora of water sports. 

The Story So Far

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